Writing down the things I learned. To share them with others and my future self.


adr1 architecture1 arp2 aws1 backblaze1 backup1 bash2 blog1 checklist1 cloud1 cloud-native1 container1 curl1 debugging1 defaults1 design1 docker1 ecs2 elasticsearch3 errors2 fluentd1 golang3 helm1 hexagonal1 ingress2 inovex1 ip1 ipvs1 jq1 json2 kubernetes5 kyverno1 linkdump1 metrics1 modulith1 monitoring3 mtail1 nas3 nginx2 openstack2 openwrt1 podman1 policy-based-routing1 prometheus2 relabeling1 relayd1 rest1 restic1 routing2 rp_filter1 scripts1 storage1 tcp2 til3 wifi1 work1