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07 Jun 2020

The Non-Obvious properties of JSON Encoder.Encode directly to http.ResponseWriter

Today I came across the following code snipped in a golang HTTP handler: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 import( "...
30 May 2020

Managing Kubernetes Ingress JSON Log Format with Sanity

The nginx ingress supports a custom log format. The option can be set via the log_format field in the ingress configmap....
27 May 2020

Moving the NAS

I had to move my NAS into the basement. There is no room in our flat left for noisy computer equipment. My flat is in th...
13 May 2020

Set Default Value of Prometheus Label if not set

I had to implement the following behaviour in a prometheus relabel config: Given two labels A and B. I want to set A to...
11 May 2020

On Errors in Golang

In Golang are two ways to signal an error in a function or method. The first is the convention to return an error value ...
08 May 2020

On Using Fluentd to Parse Elastic Common Scheme from Kubernetes Pod Logs

Today I had to parse the JSON logs of our containers in Kubernetes. Our application are logging in the Elastic Common Sc...
08 May 2020

Mount Local GOPATH Directory into Container

Given you have an old golang project depending on the GOPATH. You want to build that project in the golang docker image....
04 May 2020

Migrate Elasticsearch 5.x to 6.x

We want to migrate an pre 6.0.0 cluster to 6.x.x. Therefore we have to make sure every index contains only one mapping. ...
04 May 2020

Initial Commit

Initial post to test the theme and all the other stuff.