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29 Nov 2022
06 Nov 2022
19 Feb 2021
05 Feb 2021

Set Default Annotations with Kyverno

Kyverno is a policy engine for kubernetes. It allows you to implement ValidatingAdmissionWebhooks and MutatingAdmissionWebhooks by creating …
08 Jan 2021

My Personal Backup Design

Compute devices may fail and lose your data. Hardware failures, software bugs and encrypting trojans threaten your data. And even if your …
15 Dec 2020
28 Oct 2020

Lookup Public IP via Commandline

When working from home, I have a changing public IP. My ISP assigns me a new public IP on every router reboot. For debugging I often have to …
07 Jun 2020
30 May 2020
27 May 2020

Moving the NAS

I had to move my NAS into the basement. There is no room in our flat left for noisy computer equipment. My flat is in the first floor. I …